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Summary: Get Motivated - Tamara Lowe

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The must-read summary of Larry Winget's book: "It's Called Work for a Reason: Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault".

This complete summary of the ideas from Larry Winget's book "It's Called Work for a Reason" shows that opportunities are missed by most people because they because they appear to involve too much hard work. Many employees look to external factors for why they aren't doing well at work when, in fact, this is usually never the case. In his book, the author proposes seven measures that everyone can take in order to make sure they are fulfilling their potential. This summary is a must-read for anyone who wants to take responsibility of their own success and take action to become the best they can be and never miss an opportunity again.

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To learn more, read "It's Called Work for a Reason" and make the decision to take charge of your own success and start working hard!

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